Chthyra, the Crawling Chaos

A new year, and a new character write-up: Chthyra, the Crawling Chaos, with an illustration by Dan Houser.

Chthyra is a psychic parasite from a reality in close proximity to our own which travels to our reality in its astral form. As such, it does not have a physical form in our reality. When Chthyra manifests in our reality, it usually takes the form of an oily black-skinned humanoid, a shapeless mass of hairlike tendrils of darkness, or something in between the two….

Character Sheet Helper 1.05

Bulletproof Blues Character Sheet HelperWe have finally wrapped up all the changes and improvements we hoped to make to the Character Sheet Helper. Barring the discovery of any new bugs or serious omissions (knock on wood), it’s ready to go! Feel free to use it, and post any questions you might have to the Kalos Comics mailing list. While I have your attention, please take a look at the Kalos Comics pages on Facebook and Google+.

Bulletproof Blues Character Sheet Helper

Here are the characters we have written up so far using this version of the Character Sheet Helper:

Karen 7
Karen X

More characters will be posted to the Kalos Universe wiki as we write them up.

Update 2013-01-01:

Well, poop. While tinkering with the spreadsheet while on the road, I found a serious bug. The power data for [Attribute] Drain was entirely missing. I have fixed it, and have updated the Character Sheet Helper on DriveThruRPG to version 1.06.

Bulletproof Blues progress report

Great news! Artist Dan Houser has completed all of the character illustrations for Bulletproof Blues. This freaked out maniac is TickTockMan, the master of time. Like all of Dan’s artwork in Bulletproof Blues, this illustration of TickTockMan will be available on DriveThruRPG under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license after the book is published.

Speaking of characters, we are currently putting the finishing touches on the Bulletproof Blues Character Sheet Helper. The Character Sheet Helper makes it easier to write up your characters and share them. In addition to just helping you write up your Bulletproof Blues characters, the Character Sheet Helper has outputs for text (to paste into emails), wiki (to paste into articles on the Kalos Universe wiki), and print (to print out your characters for easy use around the game table). And it’s free, of course.