Fighting aliens at RavenCon

Worming_My_Blues_Away_g1402_cover.jpgWe had a great time running a game of Bulletproof Blues at RavenCon‚Äč for one of our Kickstarter backers. Brandon Blackmoor ran the GagMen Podcast adventure, “Worming My Blues Away“. Among the players was the illustrious and irrepressible Robert Quill.

“Worming My Blues Away” makes a great one-shot convention game, because it starts in media res, after the player characters have just finished repelling an incursion by the Isopterans. And RavenCon, as always, was a great convention. The RavenCon staff were friendly, professional, and responsive. In a fast-changing world, it’s good to know that there are some things on which one can depend.