Character Sheet Helper tedium

Ugh. Updating the pregen characters to the new version of the Character Sheet Helper is the most tedious thing ever — mainly because I keep making one. Small. Change. And then I have to start over.

I’m currently on version 3.24. Yes, that is 24 versions of the BB3 Character Sheet Helper.. I swear, I hope this is the last one.

Update: 25. Auuuuugh!

Character Sheet Helper update

While updating characters on the Kalos Universe web site, I got really tired of deleting unused headings (for characters without Complications, for example), and removing blank lines from the Movement section (for characters without Teleportation, for example). So I dug into the TextSheet and WikiSheet tabs of the Character Sheet Helper, and made it so that you no longer have to do any fiddling — just copy and paste! So much less hassle. I have already updated the Google Sheets version, and the next LibreOffice Calc version will be uploaded to DriveThruRPG some time this week.

Bulletproof Blues 3 Character Sheet Helper

After months of work, we are officially releasing the Bulletproof Blues 3 Character Sheet Helper. The LibreOffice sheet has been released on DriveThruRPG. The Bulletproof Blues 3 Character Sheet Helper is also available as a Google document — just copy it to a new document and get started.

The rules for Bulletproof Blues 3 are complete, as well. The full rules are available on the RPG Library Open Game Content library. As soon as we complete the layout, it will also be available on DriveThruRPG as a PDF and printed book.

Have fun!