Bulletproof Blues progress report

Great news! Artist Dan Houser has completed all of the character illustrations for Bulletproof Blues. This freaked out maniac is TickTockMan, the master of time. Like all of Dan’s artwork in Bulletproof Blues, this illustration of TickTockMan will be available on DriveThruRPG under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license after the book is published.

Speaking of characters, we are currently putting the finishing touches on the Bulletproof Blues Character Sheet Helper. The Character Sheet Helper makes it easier to write up your characters and share them. In addition to just helping you write up your Bulletproof Blues characters, the Character Sheet Helper has outputs for text (to paste into emails), wiki (to paste into articles on the Kalos Universe wiki), and print (to print out your characters for easy use around the game table). And it’s free, of course.

Ticktockman (Dan Houser)

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