Second edition of Bulletproof Blues is now in print

Bulletproof Blues Second Edition is now in print! Bulletproof Blues is a rules-light, setting-dark(ish) superhero roleplaying game. The second edition has more examples! More sample characters! More fun!

If you have previously purchased the PDF, let us know by sending your order information and your DriveThruRPG account name to, and we will give you a coupon to apply toward the print version.

Bulletproof Blues front cover

Please share your Bulletproof Blues experience

Other than the three backers whose names were omitted from the first printing (whose copies will be sent next week), all of the backers at the “National Icon” level (and above) should be receiving their softcover copy of Bulletproof Blues soon. When it arrives, please share your opinion on your social media venue of choice. If you have the time and inclination, try to provide some details on what you like and why, and what you do not like and why. That will help others, who may or may not share your tastes, decide whether the game might interest them. Think of it as paying the Noah Tax:

Whenever you post about a thing that you’ve purchased or are going to purchase and you think the rest of us would be interested in purchasing it, too, let us know why. Tell us what you liked about it so that we can see if it’s the sort of thing that we might like, too. I’m not calling for full-scale reviews, but rather short bits that tell us more about your experience with a thing than anything else, since that’s what really matters. I think if we all do this, we’ll all be much better-informed consumers of RPG products and that can’t do anything but help the industry as far as I can see.
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Bulletproof Blues Second Edition print books shipping soon

The proof for the print version of Bulletproof Blues Second Edition arrived today, and it looks great! We will be sending out the print books to people who backed us at the National Icon ($45) level and above over the next couple of days. Once we have sent the book to all of our Kickstarter backers, we will make the printed book available for purchase on DriveThruRPG.

Bulletproof Blues front cover

Bulletproof Blues back cover

Bulletproof Blues interior

Bulletproof Blues spine

Kalos Comics mugs?

I was playing around today with creating custom coffee mugs through Cafe Press. From top to bottom, these are the GORGON, Kalos Comics, and Aegis logos. They’d be expensive, as coffee mugs go — $18 each, plus shipping. Is there any demand for these? I would sell them at my cost.
Kalos Comics mugs

Open content online, proofs ordered

We have finished formatting all of the open content from Bulletproof Blues Second Edition (i.e., all of the text and artwork). It is online at RPG Library Open Game Content:

The print version of the book has cleared premedia at the printer’s, and we have ordered a proof, which should arrive late next week. Knock on wood, the proof will not have any errors and the cover art will line up correctly, and the printed books will start shipping next week.

Character Packs are now online

We have released the new Sean Izaakse character art from Bulletproof Blues Second Edition on DriveThruRPG in two new character packs, and we have updated the original Character Packs featuring art from Dan Houser. Check them out!

Character Pack thumbnails

Kickstarter backers will be sent coupons for these items over the next few days.

All of these are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 License.

Layout is complete!

We have completed the print and PDF layouts for Bulletproof Second Edition! We will have to wait on the proof for the print version before we can start getting those printed and mailed out to our Kickstarter backers, but we will start sending out the links for the PDF version over the next couple of days. Thanks so much for your patience!

We have already uploaded the revised and expanded Character Sheet Helper, and you can download that right now:
Bulletproof Blues Character Sheet Helper

Status update and Firefly colours

We are on page 133 of the layout for Bulletproof Blues Second Edition. We had hoped to make more progress over the weekend, but we spent a lot of time revising some of the tables to make them more readable. We think people will be happy with the result.

Below is the full colour illustration of Firefly, by artist Justin Nichol. Like all of the art in game, this is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license. Please consider supporting the artist, Justin Nichol, on Patreon:

What Is A Roleplaying Game?

Zak and some porn stars playing D&D

Porn stars playing a roleplaying game

Every roleplaying game has a section at the beginning that attempts to explain what a roleplaying game is, and Bulletproof Blues is no exception. This is the section that the second edition of Bulletproof Blues (coming soon!) will have in the Introduction chapter, explaining what a roleplaying game is.

As trivial as it sounds, two distinct elements set “roleplaying games” apart from other things which are not roleplaying games: roleplaying and game play.

First, a roleplaying game involves roleplaying. Generally speaking, roleplaying involves taking on a persona or character and making decisions based on what that character would do in a given situation. Does having a character in a game, by itself, make that a roleplaying game? No. The little dog token in a Monopoly game and a Blood Elf in World Of Warcraft are both characters, but Monopoly and World Of Warcraft are not roleplaying games. Can you roleplay as a dog while playing Monopoly? Yes, and you can roleplay as an elf while playing World Of Warcraft. What keeps these from being roleplaying games is that the roleplaying is not part of the game — you can’t get your Monopoly dog out of jail through unscripted conversation with the jailer, nor can you use roleplaying to convince a cultist in World Of Warcraft to let you pass by without a fight. If the rules of the game do not allow for the possibility that a conflict could be resolved through unscripted conversation (however unlikely that might be), then it isn’t a roleplaying game.

Second, a roleplaying game is a game. Roleplaying games are sometimes compared to improvisational theatre, and there are similarities, but improv theatre isn’t a game. How can you tell if something is a game? Games have rules that govern things like conflicts between players and whether something a player attempts is successful. Improv theatre is fun, but there aren’t any rules like this. As Drew Carey described “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”, it’s “the show where everything’s made up and the points don’t matter.” It’s fun, but it’s not a game, and therefore it’s not a roleplaying game.

Bulletproof Blues has more rules than some games, but less than others, and an essential part of conflict resolution involves making decisions that your character would make under the circumstances. Maybe those decisions aren’t the most tactically advantageous, but if they are true to what your character would do, and if you are having fun playing, then you are playing correctly, because that’s what Bulletproof Blues is all about.

If you would like to read more about who plays roleplaying games, and why and where they play them, check out

(The image above is from Playing D&D With Porn Stars… just because.)