Master Sin, immortal Korean mastermind

A new character for Bulletproof Blues: Master Sin, an immortal Korean mastermind and the head of the most powerful and extensive criminal organization on Earth.

According to legend, Master Sin was an alchemist and astronomer in the court of Queen Seondeok of Silla during the Three Kingdoms period of Korea. It was during his tenure in the court of Queen Seondeok that Master Sin first discovered the alchemical secret for arresting the aging process, a formula he has continued to refine and perfect.

Despite his apparent lack of posthuman abilities, Master Sin is one of the most dangerous people on Earth. His resources and his influence are both virtually unlimited.

Manticore, celebrity super-scientist

A new character for Bulletproof Blues: Manticore, celebrity super-scientist.

Chloe Zhang is the photogenic, famous, and brilliant daughter of Zhang Ka-shing, one of the twenty richest people in the world. If one word could be used to describe Chloe Zhang, it would be “active”. Nearly every moment of every day is occupied with something, whether it is research into new semiconducting polymers, competing in a snowboarding competition, acting in a film on location in Mongolia, promoting the Special Olympics, or dancing at the newest and most exciting club.

Despite the frenetic pace of her lifestyle, she always seems as ease with the people around her, and she is never too busy to be gracious. She is a genuinely nice person.

Fun fact: In China, Chloe’s superhero persona is known as “Dragon’s Lovely Daughter”, while in Japan, she is known as “Super Demon Rider Girl”.

Grimknight, ominous protector of Manhattan

A new character for Bulletproof Blues: Grimknight, a grim protector of “his city”, New York.

By day, Diggs Tyler is a charming prosecuting attorney for the New York County District Attorney’s Office. By night, he is the scion of Gwynn ap Nudd. Using his skills as an investigator and the strength and hardiness of a fae warrior, Grimknight brings justice to those who think they are untouchable.

In addition to his own considerable abilities, Grimknight wears the Mantle of Arawn, an ancient fae artifact which allows the wearer to warp time and space, traveling thousands of miles in an instant.

Ganyeka, the psychic gorilla supergenius

A new character for Bulletproof Blues: Ganyeka, a western lowland gorilla with psychic powers and a vast intellect.

Ganyeka is a villain, but he is not motivated by wealth or power. Ganyeka harbors a deep resentment toward humanity, and he feels acutely alone in humanity’s world. His schemes typically revolve around emancipating his people (gorillas, and western lowland gorillas in particular), eliminating the “evolutionary dead end” of humanity, and similar such goals.

Crocolisk, the Lizard King

A new character for Bulletproof Blues: Crocolisk, the Lizard King of New Orleans. He looks like a monster on the outside, but that’s nothing compared to the monster on the inside.

Crocolisk isn’t a “super-villain”. He’s a criminal: crude, greedy, and utterly without conscience or compassion. There are no grandiose schemes or plans for world domination for him. He takes what he wants, and he crushes whoever gets in his way. It’s just that simple.

Chthyra, the Crawling Chaos

A new year, and a new character write-up: Chthyra, the Crawling Chaos, with an illustration by Dan Houser.

Chthyra is a psychic parasite from a reality in close proximity to our own which travels to our reality in its astral form. As such, it does not have a physical form in our reality. When Chthyra manifests in our reality, it usually takes the form of an oily black-skinned humanoid, a shapeless mass of hairlike tendrils of darkness, or something in between the two….

Character Sheet Helper 1.05

Bulletproof Blues Character Sheet HelperWe have finally wrapped up all the changes and improvements we hoped to make to the Character Sheet Helper. Barring the discovery of any new bugs or serious omissions (knock on wood), it’s ready to go! Feel free to use it, and post any questions you might have to the Kalos Comics mailing list. While I have your attention, please take a look at the Kalos Comics pages on Facebook and Google+.

Bulletproof Blues Character Sheet Helper

Here are the characters we have written up so far using this version of the Character Sheet Helper:

Karen 7
Karen X

More characters will be posted to the Kalos Universe wiki as we write them up.

Update 2013-01-01:

Well, poop. While tinkering with the spreadsheet while on the road, I found a serious bug. The power data for [Attribute] Drain was entirely missing. I have fixed it, and have updated the Character Sheet Helper on DriveThruRPG to version 1.06.

Blueshift, and Character Sheet Helper improvements

Finished another character write-up: Blueshift.

While in the process of typing in Blueshift’s skill groups and areas of expertise, I noticed some improvements I could make to the Character Sheet Helper. I went ahead and made those improvements. Yay! On the downside, this means I will need to go back and re-create Karen X, Karen 7, and Monolith with the new sheet, so that will likely delay the next character write-up a bit.