Black Steel, The Hidden Blade

Here is the full colour version of Tommy Lee, also known as Black Steel, “The Hidden Blade”. Black Steel was the winning character in the GagMen RPG Podcast character contest.

Black Steel (Sean Izaakse)

Tommy’s father was Korean, and his mother was an African-American US diplomat stationed in South Korea. His sculpted profile and green eyes gives him striking good looks, but his features are rounded enough to make him inviting rather than intimidating. He is always impeccably dressed when in his civilian identity; as Black Steel, he wears a black gi paired with a deep hood and a domino mask.

At the peak of human ability, even without his powers Tommy would be a deadly foe. But add in his ability to teleport, control kinetic energy, and mark targets, and you get an implacable hunter, able to reach targets where they think they are safest.

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