5 thoughts on “Rough Magic cover

  1. Okay, I’m gonna ask. What is it for ?

    Side note “Rue de Magie” sounds wrong. Believe what you want to say is “Rue de la Magie” or “Rue Magique” (pick one 🙂 ) ?

      • Well, “Seine” deserves a different treatment as it is a named river (and the Rue de Seine actually exists in Paris’ 6th Arrondissement, yup, so that’s a street dedicated to the Seine river), but unless you intend “Magic” to become a named person or place (as in “Trafalgar Square” for instance which would be “Place de Trafalgar”) it should be “Rue de la Magie” or “Rue Magique” (because here, “Magic” is not a place, it’s either a street about magic – “Rue de la Magie” – or something about this street that makes it magical – and therefore “Rue Magique”).

        Hope I’m making myself clear. Not that it matters much but since it’s meant to be a cover… 🙂

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