ZeroSpace update

Thanks to some great feedback here and elsewhere, we have finished the most recent revision of ZeroSpace (an open licensed science fiction/space fantasy).

The combat system was made approximately 50% simpler, and I think the way skill rolls and combat rolls are explained is also much clearer.

A couple of new advantages were added, and Underwater Combat and Zero-G combat are now advantages rather than areas of expertise.

The damage inflicted by fire and explosions were adjusted, and the way their damage is resolved was made simpler.

Over all, we think this is a huge improvement.

We have not completed the revised character sheets yet, but here’s a quick conversion for existing characters:

  • If your Prowess is higher than your Brawn, make your Brawn equal to your Prowess, and then cross out your Prowess.
  • If your Accuracy is higher than your Agility, make your Agility equal to your Accuracy, and then cross out your Accuracy.
  • If you have any exploding weapons, take a look at their equipment entries and note the changes.
  • If you regularly use any special maneuvers in combat, take a look at their entries in the Action chapter and note the changes.

Thanks for the suggestions!

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