Sketch: Chthyra

Chthyra sketch by Sean Izaakse
Chthyra sketch by Sean Izaakse

Counting down: four days until our Kickstarter for Bulletproof Blues Second Edition! This is a sketch from Sean Izaakse: Chthyra, the Crawling Chaos. Chthyra is a psychic parasite from a reality in close proximity to our own, which travels to our reality in its astral form. As such, it does not have a physical form in our reality. When Chthyra manifests in our reality, it usually takes the form of an oily black-skinned humanoid, a shapeless mass of hairlike tendrils of darkness, or something in between the two….

Don’t forget about our contest! Take one of the characters from Bulletproof Blues, and write, draw, or design a new format for the character’s write-up at the back of Bulletproof Blues Second Edition. The winner will receive credit in the second edition credits and a free print copy of the game (either the current edition, or, if they are willing to wait for it, the second edition). Here are the characters to choose from:

The contest will run through the end of the Kickstarter, but don’t wait until the last minute. Send your contest entries to

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