Sketch: Manticore

Manticore sketch by Sean Izaakse
Manticore sketch by Sean Izaakse

Counting down: two days until our Kickstarter for Bulletproof Blues Second Edition! This evening, Brandon Blackmoor (Evil Mastermind of Kalos Comics) sat in with Mike Lafferty, Sean Izaakse, and a few other gaming luminaries to discuss comics and their favorite “alternate continuities”. It should be posted to the BAMF! podcast in the next day or so, so keep an eye out!

[As always, I think I sounded like an idiot, and I wish I had talked more about the talented folks who will be contributing art and stretch goals for Bulletproof Blues Second Edition. Aaargh! — BSB]

However, we don’t want you to leave the Kalos Comics blog unsatisfied, so here is a sketch from Sean Izaakse, and one of our favorites: Chloe Zhang, also known in North America as Manticore. Chloe Zhang is the photogenic, famous, and brilliant daughter of Zhang Ka-shing, one of the twenty richest people in the world. Fun fact: In China, Chloe’s superhero persona is known as “Dragon’s Lovely Daughter”, while in Japan, she is known as “Super Demon Rider Girl”.

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