Gender and sexuality on character sheets

You probably know that one of our goals for Bulletproof Blues Second Edition (Kickstarter coming in February!) is to completely revise the layout of the sample characters. As part of that redesign, and as a result of a recent conversation over on Facebook, we have decided to add lines for “gender” and “sexuality” (along with “eye color”, “hair color”, etc.) on the character sheets.

Why? At first blush, it seems superfluous. Unlike height, weight, hair color, etc., you can’t just look at someone and tell who they’d prefer to go on a date with. However, character relationships are vital to a fun and interesting game. Even at its simplest, most superficial level, the posthuman with a secret they keep from their girlfriend or boyfriend is a staple of the genre, as is flirtation between a posthuman and one of their antagonists. So adding this information to the sample characters can help you have more fun with your games (although as always, you should feel free to change any aspect of a sample character to make it work with your game).

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