Status update — character builder, playtesting, etc.

Bulletproof Blues 1e cover

Just a quick note to let you know how things are progressing on Bulletproof Blues. We are wrapping up the editing and getting ready to start the final round of playtesting. To encourage detailed playtesting reports, we will be giving the five best playtesters a $45 gift certificate to ProFantasy Software, makers of Campaign Cartographer.

We are writing a Bulletproof Blues Character Builder to simplify character creation and make it easier to share and print character sheets. The Bulletproof Blues Character Builder is based on LibreOffice, a cross-platform and open source office suite program. You might be asking why you would need a spreadsheet for Bulletproof Blues if it’s such a simple game system. The fact is, you don’t need one. However, the spreadsheet will make it easier to share your characters, and it will make it copy-and-paste simple for you to add a character to the Kalos Universe wiki. Both the Bulletproof Blues Character Builder and the Kalos Universe wiki will be free to use, of course.

As soon as we finish the Bulletproof Blues Character Builder, we will begin accepting playtesting applications, so watch this space for updates!

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