Please share your Bulletproof Blues experience

Other than the three backers whose names were omitted from the first printing (whose copies will be sent next week), all of the backers at the “National Icon” level (and above) should be receiving their softcover copy of Bulletproof Blues soon. When it arrives, please share your opinion on your social media venue of choice. If you have the time and inclination, try to provide some details on what you like and why, and what you do not like and why. That will help others, who may or may not share your tastes, decide whether the game might interest them. Think of it as paying the Noah Tax:

Whenever you post about a thing that you’ve purchased or are going to purchase and you think the rest of us would be interested in purchasing it, too, let us know why. Tell us what you liked about it so that we can see if it’s the sort of thing that we might like, too. I’m not calling for full-scale reviews, but rather short bits that tell us more about your experience with a thing than anything else, since that’s what really matters. I think if we all do this, we’ll all be much better-informed consumers of RPG products and that can’t do anything but help the industry as far as I can see.
(From “The Noah Tax”,

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