John Zeleznik private commission: “Other Worlds”

One week until our Kickstarter for Bulletproof Blues Second Edition, which is scheduled to start February 1st! This is a recent private commission by John Zeleznik: “Other Worlds”. If John’s stretch goal is successful, he will be painting the new cover for Bulletproof Blues Second Edition. Help us make this happen!

Other Worlds (John Zeleznik)

Don’t forget about our contest! Take one of the characters from Bulletproof Blues, and write, draw, or design a new format for the character’s write-up at the back of Bulletproof Blues Second Edition. The winner will receive credit in the second edition credits and a free print copy of the game (either the current edition, or, if they are willing to wait for it, the second edition). Here are the characters to choose from:

The contest will run through the end of the Kickstarter, but don’t wait until the last minute. Send your contest entries to

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