Bulletproof Blues conversion for Extreme Earth

Extreme Earth

Brandon Blackmoor had a conference yesterday with Joe Bardales and Jon Gibbons, two of the creators working on Extreme Earth, a dystopian superhero setting. Extreme Earth will support a number of game systems, and Bulletproof Blues is one of those systems. Pretty cool, eh?

Joe and Jon talked about the Extreme Earth setting, and the three authors discussed how Bulletproof Blues could be adapted to it. For instance, the power level of Extreme Earth is quite a bit lower than a typical Bulletproof Blues game, and some powers, like Amazing Movement (which allows the character to travel in space or through time), wouldn’t be available at all. However, the basic premises of Extreme Earth are quite similar to those of the Kalos Universe, if a bit grimmer. Think of Extreme Earth as a cross between Heroes and The Wild Geese. We think using Bulletproof Blues with Extreme Earth will be a great match!

Extreme Earth doesn’t have a web site yet, but they do have a Facebook Page and a Google+ Community. Check it out!

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