What do you think of [Attribute] Boost?

We are going through the playtest responses, and one of the earliest was a question about [Attribute] Boost. Here is the current version of the power:

[Attribute] Boost

Activation: Activated
Task roll: —
Target: Personal
Range: —
Cost: 1 character point per rank

[Attribute] Boost permits the character to increase the rank of one of their attributes, chosen when this power is purchased. Once per hour, the character may add their ranks in [Attribute] Boost to the rank of their selected attribute (up to rank 14 maximum). The boosted attribute remains at this increased rank for one minute (ten rounds). Once the [Attribute] Boost wears off, the attribute drops to one-half of its normal rank (rounded up) for ten minutes, after which it returns to its normal rank.

As written, the cost is exactly the same as simply buying the Attribute. Why? Two reasons.

First, this power is mainly for use with characters whose increased powers come from a serum or amulet, and which only lasts for a short time. We wanted a way for people to have a power like that without stacking up a bunch of power enhancements and defects.

Second, we intended that if the GM had a specific power level in mind for the game, that the GM would allow a character with [Attribute] Boost to exceed those limits since the power is so restricted.

Of course, both of these assume that you are playing a particular style of game, and not everyone plays the same way.

What do you think? Would you make [Attribute] Boost more powerful? Less expensive? Less restricted? Would you just get rid of it entirely?

Feel free to suggest anything that crosses your mind. We want to hear your input.

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