Errata: Danger Sense

As we tinker and fine-tune Bulletproof Blues (and the other Kalos Mechanism games), from time to time we run across a rule that could be improved. This is one of those times. Does this mean that a Bulletproof Blues 4th edition is on the horizon? I doubt it, but who knows. For now, here is some errata for Danger Sense. This replaces the first paragraph of the definition of the Danger Sense power:

Danger Sense is a self-only power which permits the character to sense danger and avoid being surprised, even if there is no way for the character to see the attack coming. A character with Danger Sense never rolls less than two dice on hand-to-hand or ranged defense rolls, even if they would ordinarily have a penalty, or don’t have the skill at all.

Additionally, if an attack is imminent, the GM will ask the player to attempt a moderately difficult (DV 3) Perception (Reason + Power Level) roll. If the Danger Sense roll is successful, the character knows that an attack is imminent, and may warn other characters.

Happy gaming!