Bulletproof Blues 2e Kickstarter preliminary totals

Bulletproof Blues Second Edition

Amazon has completed their billing of the backers for our Kickstarter (although they won’t release the funds to us for another week), and I thought people might be interested in the preliminary results.

In raw numbers, the Kickstarter attracted 158 backers, who pledged a total of $5,277. Three of those pledges failed to bill successfully (expired credit cards, etc.), resulting in a real total of 155 backers and $5,217 in pledges. Amazon and Kickstarter took their fees (to the tune of 9%, combined), leaving us $4,750.

Of our 155 successfully billed backers, 4 chose no reward ($7 in pledges), 84 chose PDF-only rewards ($1,501 in pledges), and 66 chose print rewards ($3,224 in pledges).

The “no rewards” and PDF-only rewards go straight to paying artists and authors: $1,508.

Of the print rewards, we estimate that about $1,365 will go toward paying artists and authors, with the rest going to fulfill the the printing and delivery of the physical books. We won’t know the exact numbers until they have all been shipped, but we think this is a pretty good estimate.

So we raised an estimated $2,873 to put toward the art and supplemental material provided by the brilliant artists and authors who agreed to be a part of this project. Not too shabby!

We will be sending backers a survey later this week, asking for your contact information, street address, how you learned about the Kickstarter campaign, and so on. Look for that in the next few days. And thanks once again for supporting Bulletproof Blues!

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